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Dr. Jolyon Hibbins

A Chiropractor Dedicated to Helping

Meet Jolyon Hibbins. D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

At THRIVE Chiropractic our philosophy is “do well, be well.” By this we mean do all the necessary things to be healthy and you will be healthy. Get regular adjustments to keep you functioning optimally, eat the right foods, perform regular exercise, find ways of coping better with stress, become a happier person etc… Patients who adopt this strategy are undoubtedly those that do best. They are also the ones who benefit from being healthy! For us there can be no more satisfaction than getting a patient symptom free, then continuing to watch them grow into a totally new individual, with improved outlooks on life. This strategy, is quite simply termed Wellness and it’s never too late to start!

Serving Peterborough, Spalding, Oakham, Uppingham, Oundle and beyond.

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A Different Kind Of Clinic

Neuro-muscular-skeletal Clinic

THRIVE Chiropractic is a specialist centre dedicated to locating and correcting areas of nerve system imbalance, which may block an individual’s ability to achieve optimal physical and mental health. We also specialise in postural awareness both at home and in the work place. Learn more here »

“Each of us enters the world with a body that will be ours throughout our lives, to experience, to protect or to risk as we choose. The challenge is to remain vital and independent, free from distress and disease and to live to our fullest potential with inspiration, as we journey through the cycle of life.”(Body Worlds & The Cycle of Life – 2012)

Reaching Your Full Potential

At THRIVE Chiropractic, it is our calling to help you thrive.
We will educate you, so that you may better understand your body and
we will help you to protect and maintain it. You can then function to
your fullest potential and live a vital and independent life, free
from distress and disease as you journey through your cycle of life.

Call THRIVE Chiropractic to arrange a consultation today and
find out if you’re a good candidate for today’s chiropractic care!