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Meet Jolyon Hibbins D.C.
(Doctor of Chiropractic). BSc. Hons. Chiro. L.C.C.

All of the Chiropractors that work at THRIVE Chiropractic have successfully completed an accredited chiropractic degree. Upon completion of this qualification they are bestowed with the title Doctor of Chiropractic. When we refer to our chiropractors as Dr. Jolyon Hibbins (Chiropractor) for example, the Dr. refers to the Doctor of Chiropractic title and does not mean that our chiropractors are Doctors of Medicine, such as your GP.

Quite simply, I witnessed a miracle.

Chiropractor Bourne, Dr. Jo HibbinsMy Grandmother was involved in a bad car accident. She had to wear a steel pelvis, spine and neck brace and was told by the surgeons that she would never be able to walk again without it. As a last resort, my Grandmother sought help from a Chiropractor. It changed her life forever! Within 6 months the steel braces were off and she was back to normal! Needless to say, the specialists at the hospital were dumb-founded.

I had a short but wonderful time with my grandmother because of Chiropractic, which is why I chose to become a Chiropractor.  If I could give others the same chance I had, then that’s all the conviction I needed to succeed.

I graduated with honours from the prestigious Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2007 and have never looked back!


What many don’t realise is that a Chiropractic degree programme is almost identical to a medical degree. In fact, there are some areas that we have more in depth training, so rest assured when you visit a Chiropractor, you are seeking help from a highly trained and competent healthcare professional.

I studied hard for 5 years, learning about all the things you’d expect of a primary health care profession.   It really was a life changing experience. I found neurology fascinating; the extremely complicated way in which the body comprehends and adapts to itself and its environment. Immunology; the extraordinary immune system which protects us. Pharmacology; the way in which pharmaceutical companies develop chemical therapeutics to help manage various conditions. (It was while studying pharmacology that I concluded yes, medication does save lives, but conversely, it also got me thinking – is it always necessary?  Is disease and therefore the use of medication preventable? Could the best medicine truly be, to teach people how not to need it?!  I’ll leave you to reflect further on that.)

One thing I came to realise is that we really do need to be more responsible with our health and for our health choices. After all… we only have one body and one life!

Areas of Interest

My passions in life are my family, Chiropracitc, clay pigeon shooting and sailing.


One thing I do know, is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family. Family is such a precious gift and should be nurtured and cherished. Throughout my life, I have found that it is family that picks you up during the bad times and family which celebrates with you in the good times.

In 2015 I married the girl of my dreams. In 2017 we were blessed with our beautiful daughter and in 2022 we were further blessed with our identical twin boys.  Our family is the greatest joy in our lives and our greatest lifetime achievement!

Enough about me! I want to know more about you! Contact us to make an appointment today. We can discuss your problems and your health goals. Let’s get on the road to helping you “do well and be well!”

Jolyon Hibbins DC | 01778 309811