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Meet The Chiropractor

All of the Chiropractors that work at THRIVE Chiropractic have successfully completed an accredited chiropractic degree. Upon completion of this qualification they are bestowed with the title Doctor of Chiropractic. When we refer to our chiropractors as Dr. Jolyon Hibbins (Chiropractor) for example, the Dr. refers to the Doctor of Chiropractic title and does not mean that our chiropractors are Doctors of Medicine, such as your GP.

Now…let’s meet our chiropractor.

Stamford Chiropractor: Jolyon Hibbins. D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic). BSc. Hons. Chiro. L.C.C.

Quite simply, I witnessed a miracle.

My Grandmother was involved in a bad car accident. She had to wear a steel pelvis, spine and neck brace and was told by the surgeons that she would never be able to walk again without it. As a last resort, my Grandmother sought help from a Chiropractor. It changed her life forever! Within 3 months the steel braces were off and she was back to normal! Needless to say, the specialists at the hospital were dumb-founded.

I thought to myself wow if this chap can do all that, then maybe it would be a good idea to get a check up! I was a little anxious trying something different to the usual NHS care but thought nothing ventured nothing gained. I felt OK and as far as I was concerned, I didn’t have anything in particular wrong with me. It wasn’t until I’d had a few adjustments that I realised what “normal” should be! I since graduated as a Chiropractor in 2007 from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. Thanks to this amazing experience, Chiropractic continues to inspire me and plays a vital role in my health and that of my family, friends and patients.


Stamford Chiropractor Jo Hibbons

Stamford Chiropractor Jolyon Hibbins

Apart from the usual antics of the mischievous student, university life was challenging. Our degree was essentially a 5 years medical degree during which we learned a lot about anatomy, neurology, pharmacology, nutrition, diagnostics etc… It really was a life changing experience. I found neurology fascinating; the extremely complicated way in which our body communicates with itself so that we may be alive and be healthy. I was also interested in Pharmacology. The way in which we develop chemicals to help in cases such as cancer, diabetes etc. I concluded that yes, medication does save lives, but conversely, it also got me thinking – is it always necessary? My personal feelings are NO. Studying pharmacology, I became acutely aware that, as a society, we pump our bodies so full of chemicals to treat symptoms, which, in most cases could have been avoided if we made the right lifestyle choices. For example, conditions such as high blood pressure when patients are prescribed long term medication, when my personal opinion is that in most cases, diet and exercise advice would be a far better and totally natural way forward, with no potentially serious side effects. It made me realise that we really do need to be more responsible with our health and for our health choices. After all… we only have one body and one life!

Areas of Interest

My two passions are the countryside and the sea, along with all of their ancient traditions. Although I love the variety of conditions that I see in general practise, I have special interests in helping people in the equestrian, shooting, fishing and sailing/watersports communities.


One thing I do know, is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family. Family is such a precious gift and should be nurtured and cherished. Throughout my life, I have found that it is family that picks you up during the bad times and family which celebrates with you in the good times.

As a family, we enjoy sailing up in the West coast of Scotland. It allows us to get back in touch with nature, to enjoy each others company and the peace, quiet and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

When we find the time to be together, my partner Jessica and I enjoy walking. Even more so if there is a roaring fire and a good pint of real ale (or half pint for my good lady!) at the other end. I would like to add a dog into the equation at some point, but I am told not until we have a bigger house!

Enough about me! I want to know more about you! Arrange an appointment or email me on the link below. We can discuss your problems and your health goals. Let’s get on the road to helping you “do well and be well!”

Proudly serving Peterborough, Spalding, Oakham,
Uppingham, Oundle and beyond