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The Thrive Wellness Program in Bourne

Hands grasping sunWe have a simple philosophy at THRIVE Chiropractic: do well, be well. To be well, it’s crucial to address the physical, emotional and chemical stresses in life. If you can’t address them, you need to make your body more adaptable to the stresses they incur on the body.

Chiropractic at the Foundation

We’ve designed a temple of health, with the foundation being chiropractic. After all, if the nervous system ( master control system) isn’t running at optimal, how can anything else?

On that foundation are five pillars:

Nutrition – Getting the right nutrition is critical. We advocate food intolerance testing, so you know what foods to avoid. We always recommend the Paleolithic diet as it’s what we’re genetically designed to eat. Organic foods or at least ones low in pesticides are what we recommend as well. Pesticides can damage the nervous system so it’s crucial to avoid those.

SupplementationDr Jo (Chiropractor) spent several years researching which supplements would be the best for our patients. He chose to sell USANA® Health Sciences supplements as he considers them to be of exceptional quality. There are key supplements that Dr Jo recommends for everyone and other ones for people with specific health conditions. “To be healthy, we must do healthy things.  One piece of the health puzzle is nutritional supplementation. USANA, in my opinion, is probably the best supplement money can buy.  I trust USANA with the health of my family, which is why I also recommend them to my patients.

Exercise – Movement is life so it’s essential that you make exercise part of your overall health and wellness regimen. Dr Jo will help you to understand what particular exercises you should be doing.

Positivity – Is your glass half-full or half-empty? We’ll discuss negative emotional stress and how that affects the physiology of the body. We encourage positivity, staying mindful and meditating.

Sleep – Getting sufficient, high-quality sleep is vital. That’s because sleep is when your body resets, recalibrates and prepares you for the next day. You should aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

We offer patients an array of different tests that can help us to determine if any health problems exist so we can correct them. Here are some examples of our testing:

  • A blood test to identify inflammatory markers for food intolerances
  • A cortisol check for sympathetic dominance
  • A stool sample for gut bacteria for healthy microbiome

There are two sides of the nervous system—the sympathetic (red zone-survive) and parasympathetic (green zone-thrive). We want to keep patients in the green zone versus the red zone. If you’re too much in the red zone, you will start to see the pillars of your health crumble. The whole building might collapse and that’s when we start getting sick or rather, when we lose our health and we get problems.

If you want to go through our nutrition program, we need to know where your current nutrition stands. We don’t want to recommend something that could promote systemic inflammation, which could create more health problems. By doing a nutrition assessment, we can get a base level of your particular issues and how we can help.

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