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New Patients

Mom and kids in waiting roomWelcome to THRIVE Chiropractic! You will receive an email with all of the forms for you to download. We ask that you please fill them in at home and bring them to your first appointment.

The New Patient Consultation

It’s important that you can make informed consent about your care. To do that, you’ll have to fully understand what’s wrong, how it impacts you and how we can help you. Only then can you truly decide what you want from your Chiropractic care.

Review of paperwork

Dr Jo (Chiropractor) will go through your paperwork with you. He’ll get a general indication of what is troubling you, what your lifestyle is like and how healthy you are.

Various assessments

You will go through full physical, neurological and postural assessments. Dr Jo will let you know as he goes along what he’s trying to achieve through the testing.

Dr Jo will tailor your adjustment based on whether your issue is more structural or neurological. He may use a traditional manual technique, or an instrument-assisted one.

If you have any questions after your new patient consultation, you can call Dr Jo or email him. He will reply within 24 hours and may include attachments of exercises or videos that can complement your care.

We usually can help most patients. However, if Dr Jo doesn’t feel he can help you, he will do his utmost to find someone who can.
Please allow up to an hour for this first visit.

Dr Jo will give you an information pack that details the findings from the previous visit so you can fully understand what is wrong, how it is affecting you and how we can help. He will diagram what the problems are and discuss how, when we have problems with our spine, it not only causes aches and pains, but it also affects the integrity of the nervous system and why that may lead to other signs and symptoms such as poor posture, balance issues and reduced health potential.

Dr Jo will then go through his pre adjustment protocol with you to check the integrity of your spine and nervous system and to determine if you require any adjusting.

If indicated, you will receive your specific chiropractic adjustments, after which Dr Jo will go through his post adjustment protocol with you to make sure the adjustments have done their job and are holding.

You will be invited back for your second report in a few days. Please allow 30 minutes for this report visit.

We will have an opportunity to go over any questions you may have before Dr Jo repeats the adjustment procedures with you. Next, Dr Jo will discuss your care and financial options with you. He’ll reinforce what we’re trying to achieve. “I want patients to realise that chiropractic care is more than providing pain relief; it’s about promoting brain health and physical health,” he says. However, he insists that how much Chiropractic care you have is always up to you.

These routine visits are brief at 10-15 minutes each. You’ll come in and we’ll ask how things are going before you go through Dr Jo’s unique adjustment procedure. If there’s any homework that Dr Jo needs you to do, he’ll go through it with you before arranging your next visit.

Payment Information

We accept cash, cheques or BACS payments.

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